We work with pre-commercial and commercial stage companies at all stages of product development and launch.

Our consulting engagements include new disease space & customer segmentation analyses, operations & process re-design using analytics, and service-delivery redesign. 


"integrating market forces, customer viewpoint, policy, and technology into an executable plan”

Some business professionals have great market insight; others may have terrific communication skills; still others may be able to see past the status quo into the likely future, and all that it will take to get there. Precious few can integrate the market forces, customer viewpoint and preferences, policy shifts, and technology developments into a comprehensible, digestible, executable plan. Nicole is one of those very few - she digs in to get the facts right, but never loses sight of the broader clinical context and overall business setting.

— Joseph Smith, MD PhD, CEO, Reflexion Health



"creative imagination and business acumen to solve complex challenges”

Nicole Boramanand is one of the best listeners I know. She calmly compiles intake from her clients and responds with strategic, expert advice based on her vast experience across multiple disciplines. Nicole's ability to combine her creative imagination and business acumen to solve complex challenges is remarkable. I have been fortunate to work with her for over 15 years and would highly recommend her to any potential client.


— Stephen N. Oesterle, MD, former SVP, Medicine & Technology, Medtronic Plc, Venture Partner, New Enterprise Associates


“smart, detail-oriented and agile”

I worked with Nicole as a colleague for two years while she was General Manager of the Health Nucleus at Human Longevity, Inc. (HLI).  I led a research and development team at HLI that provided patient reports for the Health Nucleus clients.  Nicole successfully built a fully-functioning Health Nucleus, a five-star preventative health clinic offering a suite of complex and diverse testing modalities, from scratch, in about six months time.   This feat required an enormous breadth and depth of skills.  Nicole possesses an abundance of practical and technical experience combined with a unique grit and focus.  She is smart, detail-oriented and agile, even under very challenging and time constrained conditions.  Nicole's success comes from her abilities to analyze, manage, lead, collaborate and communicate.  She is confident and professional, equally as effective communicating to a team of junior scientists or technicians as a board of directors.  Nicole is a very good person and I will be looking for opportunities to work with her again. 

Chad Garner, PhD, Head of Clinical Data Analytics & Bioinformatics, NantOmics

“New insights that are highly relevant to our products & solutions”

Nicole Boramanand was employed as a consultant to our company (CapsicoHealth) to provide market assessments and reports for our products and solutions (client facing).  She has provided high quality reports and studies to my knowledge to our team on a survey report on the resource allocation strategies in the post-acute (home health) industry and a market study related to the Oncology care market (for value based reimbursement).   Nicole has always been very diligent and thorough in her analyses and studies, and has provided our company with new insight that is highly relevant to our products and solutions.   Nicole has always been on time on our deliverables, and has provided advanced knowledge of any changes or improvements to be done.   We highly recommend Nicole's services in business development, clinical insight and strategy.

J. Sairamesh (Ramesh), MPhil,PhD, CEO & President, Capsico Health, Inc.

“industry-leading clinical executive”

Nicole is an industry leading clinical executive that combines patient driven energy and focus with keen business acumen. She is a creative force, has a sharp sense of humor, and brings positive energy, joy and a sense of caring to all of her relationships. Nicole shares her value for all life with those around her and it informs her team's sense of priorities and daily decision making. Nicole's leadership, consultation and mentorship would be a gift in any organization's drive do right.

Scott Skellenger, CTO, NAVICAN


“immediate leadership and authenticity”

Nicole has a special talent for creating immediate leadership and authenticity by gaining commanding knowledge of her subject matters and applying thoughtful, and oftentimes unconventional, problem solving approaches. Her seasoned 'emotional IQ' raises the bar for all those around her.  Her dogged determination for exceptional quality work output is unmatched and her commitment to the 'common good' of an organization is a testament to the meaning of 'teamwork'.  It would be a privilege to work with Nicole again.

Ruth Lyons, VP North America Marketing at Beckman Coulter Diagnostics - a Danaher Company